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California Coast Physicians staff:

Yahaira Andrade, Francisca Espinoza, Monica Carrillo, Patrick Cansino, Naomi Ayala, Vanessa Higgins.

Our staff

We would like to introduce you to our friendly staff.

Elvia Rhoades

Practice Manager

Elvia Rhoades – Practice Manager

I am the practice manager and insurance biller for our Oxnard and Camarillo offices. I enjoy the challenges and new demands that come with my positions in a dynamic and constantly changing healthcare environment. My goal is to help assist our patients with their billing questions and to create a smooth and accurate electronic insurance transmission for both our patients and our office. I am a “multi-tasker” and welcome the opportunities that are necessary to facilitate the efficiency of our office. I am happy to assist you with your professional needs.

We are here to help you...

Yahaira Andrade

Medical Assistant

Francisca Espinoza

Medical Assistant

Monica Carrillo

Reception and referral coordinator for our Camarillo Office

Patrick Cansino

Medical Assistant

Naomi Ayala

Front Office Receptionist 

Vanessa Higgins

Office Receptionist

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