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Sabrina Brana, M.D

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Sabrina Brana was born in Neubrandenburg, Germany. She received her undergraduate equivalent degree at Neues Friedlaender Gymnasium College, with a Major in Biology. She remained there for her medical training at Georg-August University of Goettingen Medical School. 

During her medical training she worked as a nurse at Agaplesion Hospital Neu Bethlehem, Goettingen. While in medical school she traveled for a pediatric elective in Grenada, West Indies where she met her now husband, Christopher Brana. Thereafter, she entered residency training at St. Barnabas Hospital (SBH). 

She quickly found a passion in assisting and improving clinical outcomes, systems management and evaluations of near misses and poor outcomes. She realized using PDSA cycles, Ishikawa (fish bone) diagrams and participating in group projects, she could provide direction and support.

After receiving a leadership award in her second year of residency, she quickly understood the importance of her contributions and the leadership role she filled amongst her fellow physicians. 

While in training, Dr. Brana assisted in multiple quality improvement projects including; “Improving the Rate of Heart Failure Related Re-admissions, Secondary to Medication Non – Adherence” and “Improving the Appropriateness and Yield of Repeat Blood Cultures in Hospitalized Patients”. She additionally organized and participated in numerous clinical research projects.

Sabrina remains committed to quality care and desires to continue practicing with the goal of enhancing her patients lives. She continues to evolve and is introducing longevity research into her practice of medicine.

Internal Medicine Specialists in Camarillo and Oxnard

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